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Outside pizza ovens are coming to be rather preferred and it’s not hard to see why! They offer a very easy as well as quick means to get that wood-fired pizza taste right in your own backyard. They’re as convenient as a classic grill yet very functional since they can reach such a high temperature and also prepare all kinds of foods.

We ‘d been wanting an Ooni pizza oven forever and finally got ours just a couple of months back. I understand you’ve wondered about whether I assume it’s worth the hype or otherwise so I’m here to share my techniques, tips, and ideas – AND whether I think the Ooni deserves the financial investment!

Ooni Pizza Oven

Ooni pizza oven on a metal table outside on a deck

Full disclosure – Ooni talented me this pizza oven. As always, all point of views as well as thoughts are my very own.


The Ooni is a portable, outside pizza oven. It heats up to concerning 950 degrees in 20 mins as well as can cook your pizza in 60 secs. It has a pizza stone inside that provides you that tasty, crispy crust of a typical wood-fired pizza oven.


Ooni has numerous models to choose from, which indicates there’s most likely one that will certainly fit your demands as well as budget. They use 12″ or 16″ ovens that are either wood pellet or gas-powered or use both wood and gas. They vary in price from $299-$ 799 relying on the dimension and also specs you choose.

We opted for the 16″ Koda because we suched as the simplicity of being able to utilize gas as well as additionally wanted a larger size to make sure that we had the alternative to prepare larger pizzas or other things like fish, steak, and so on.


At $299 for their base version, the Ooni pizza oven is absolutely an investment. Nevertheless, including a pizza oven to your exterior location may truly stimulate some joy for you and make pizza night extra interesting!

Likewise, this is a durable, top quality cooking appliance that is mosting likely to last for years as long as you take care of it. So while it is a bit spendy, in my point of view – if you’re going to use it at least a couple times a month or even more – it’s absolutely worth it!

Expenses shot of a pepperoni jalapeno pizza on a wooden pizza peel


The Ooni comes nearly completely constructed out of the box. All you need to do is unravel the legs as well as put the pizza rock in it!

If you’re obtaining a gas-powered Ooni, you will certainly need to buy a 1 pound or a 20 extra pound gas tank. I’m not sure why, however here on the West shore, we had a heck of a time locating a lp container, and also then once we discovered one we had to find a area to obtain it filled up.


Making use of the Ooni pizza oven is less complicated than you could assume! It was definitely less complicated than I anticipated it to be. You simply transform it up to high and allow it heat up for 20 minutes as soon as you attach the lp storage tank. Lower the warm, toss your pizza in, as well as allow it prepare for a pair mins. My companion as well as I were both happily amazed at exactly how very easy the Ooni is to make use of and exactly how fun it is to watch the pizza chef!

The great component is that the oven only has flames on the back and left side, so the front right side is the cool area which gives you extra control over exactly how the pizza is cooking. The 16″ Koda provides you plenty of area to move the pizza around as well as also a great range between the pizza and also the flame itself in case it starts to cook as well rapidly.


Ooni’s specialty is that it can cook a pizza in 60 secs – which it entirely can. Nevertheless, for beginner pizza cooks like ourselves, we discovered a pair YouTube videos that claimed transforming the heat to reduced and also cooking it for a bit longer at a lower temp might be much easier. Keeping that stated, our preferred cooking method is to:

  • Warm the oven above for concerning 15-20 minutes.
  • Lower the heat to reduced and add a pizza to the oven.
  • Cook the pizza, turning it every 20-30 secs approximately for concerning 2-3 minutes depending on the dimension of the pie and the quantity of garnishes

Goat cheese as well as tomato pizza entering into an Ooni pizza oven


I will say I was a little bit nervous concerning the learning contour of cooking with the Ooni. I thought it was mosting likely to be a little tricky to obtain the warmth ideal as well as maintain it moving. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly stunned to discover that after simply a couple pizzas you truly start to get the hang of it!

I believe we obtain a little much better each time as we best the dough shaping and also topping. Yet honestly, we maintained our Ooni in the box for a few weeks since I simply wasn’t quite prepared to tackle what I believed was going to be a challenging food preparation procedure. I can NOT have been much more incorrect. Making use of the pizza oven is incredibly simple and also I desire we would certainly have opened our Ooni the day we got it!


  • Gently powder the work surface where you’re making the pizza. As well as gently flour the pizza peel. This will certainly make it easier to relocate the pizza to the pizza peel and transfer it to into the oven. I’ve heard semolina flour works best, yet we utilize all-purpose without any concerns.
  • Do not roll the crust out also huge unless you’re really comfortable with the process of moving it. You’ll have to set up the pizza, then relocate to the pizza peel, and after that scoot it off the peel and right into the oven. The smaller your pizza, the simpler it is to do. The bigger the pizza, the more likely it is you’re going to end up with a mangled mess. Although the 16″ Koda can manage a 16″ pie, we still maintain them around 10″ -12″. I commonly split a one extra pound round of dough in 2, and after that roll out 2 pizzas from that.
  • Do not exhaust the dough. The secret to getting that signature pizza crust is touching the dough as little as possible. I truly lucked out since my companion made use of to make pizzas for a living so he’s basically a professional. He suggests utilizing your fingers to delicately produce the crust while moving the dough in a circle. Slapping it back and forth between your hands/forearms till it gets huge enough. Preferably, you desire the dough to be thicker on the edges, and after that extremely slim in the center. This will certainly offer you that trademark wood fired pizza oven structure you’re trying to find. If the crust is as well thick between it will not prepare all the way via.
  • Don’t add too several toppings to your pizza. One more way to ensure that your pizza chefs with, is to top it really minimally. I would certainly advise adding fifty percent of what you ‘d usually include to a pizza you’re going to bake in a routine oven.
  • Don’t get distracted. When you’re cooking pizza in the Ooni, you desire your complete interest on that particular pizza. With the within the oven reaching temperatures over 900 levels, it’s vital to keep a close eye on the pie due to the fact that it can go from perfectly done, to flawlessly shed in a matter of seconds.

Click here to have a look at the Ooni Pizza Oven


I will certainly admit, I was enthusiastic but doubtful that the taste would be close to that of a wood-fired pizza oven. And also divine cow – I was blown away!

The flavor is almost identical to wood-fired pizza although it only uses gas. You obtain those completely charred littles throughout, the crust is tender on the inside and very crisp on the outside, as well as the cheese obtains ooey-gooey melty in simply minutes.

I might attempt to remain to explain exactly how tasty the pizza is, but let me just say, you will certainly be amazed at the difference in between the pizza you may in your Ooni and the pizza you make in your oven. They simply don’t contrast.


Truthfully, we utilize dough from the food store 9 times out of 10. They have a truly tasty dough that’s low-cost and also cooks really well in the Ooni. If I’m in the state of mind for homemade however, we either utilize my No-Knead Pizza Dough or my Quick Pizza Dough.

Overhead shot of a tomato as well as goat cheese pizza on a wooden pizza peel


>> Go here to take a look at the Ooni Pizza Oven <<


You can locate the Ooni pizza ovens on their website, Amazon, or Williams-Sonoma. The rates are quite comparable, however often they have sales, so inspect around to see where you can obtain the most effective bargain.


One point that actually lured me concerning the Ooni was that you do not need to clean it! The temperature inside the oven gets so warm that there’s really no demand to decontaminate or sanitize the within of it. Undoubtedly, you’ll need to clean down the outside once in a while as dust decides on it, however other than that no cleaning is required!


The Ooni Koda 16″ is 25 x 25 x 20 inches. If you do not have any type of covered space to keep it though, Ooni does make a weatherproof cover.

A small pizza food preparation inside an Ooni pizza oven exterior


It could look like a great deal of job to obtain the Ooni ready up simply to make two pizzas (which is what we usually do as a household of 3) however I ensure you, it’s actually not. The Ooni modular table we obtained makes it simple to wheel in and out of the garage. After that you simply connect the lp and also allow it heat while you make the pizzas. It’s completely workable on a weeknight and also we haven’t prepared a pizza in our oven considering that we got it!


The Ooni is worth the rate for the experience that it supplies. I do state experience since I think that preparing and making food truly can be an experience.

My total ideas on that particular Ooni are that I was anticipating everything to be a great deal more job. I was expecting the arrangement to be a hassle, the actual prepping as well as cooking to be a little bit taxing, and also I had not been certain what the cleaning procedure required. On the whole, I am definitely elated to find that the Ooni is really a really basic, straightforward, outside pizza oven experience. The configuration fasts. Prepping, heating the oven, as well as cooking the pizzas is pretty very easy. And clean-up is basically non-existent.

When the wildfires aren’t raging, it’s also very light-weight and also portable so I can totally see us taking this outdoor camping with us!


If you like pizza, have a small exterior area, a little storage space to keep it dry, and enjoy having a beverage outside while you cook dinner, then of course – the Ooni is for you!

If you’re all set to check out the Ooni pizza oven and decide which one is right for you – CLICK HERE!

It has a pizza rock inside that offers you that tasty, crispy crust of a conventional wood-fired pizza oven.

When you’re cooking pizza in the Ooni, you want your full focus on that pizza. If I’m in the state of mind for homemade however, we either utilize my No-Knead Pizza Dough or my Quick Pizza Dough.

Wooden Pizza Peels – We got these adorable little pizza peels. Mostly simply for simplicity of having something to make the pizza on and then something to cut the pizza on after it’s baked.

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